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Animal Farm, by George Orwell :: Animal Farm Essays

sensual Farm Essay by George OrwellIn the book Animal Farm, by George Orwell, the idea of how great power can mess up is depicted in the novel. The theme of the novelis Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Whenone receives to much power, such as the character sleep, itforms a dictatorship like government in which all decisions argon do by one man. When a revolution happens, or a sudden changeoccurs people begin to grow unhappy while on the job(p) for theirgovernment with no say in any political decisions. When the wildcats of Animal Farm took over in that location mainbeliefs were based on their make up commandments calledAnimalism. The beliefs derived from this law were basically thatman is our enemy, all animals are comrades, do not becomelike man, and no animal should be more powerful then other. These views were from Old Major, who had stipulation a speech to stirthe animals into rebellion. Old Majors ambitiousness was for the earth tobe ran by animal s. When Old Major died, S at a timeball, Napoleon,and Squealer replaced him. At first things started turned pretty wellthe harvest was very candid the first year and the reading and writingsystem had helped some, but had peculiar(a) success on others. Napoleon soon shared his view on education and took the puppiesinto his home and started teaching them. In time the leaders ofanimal farm started to have mixed feelings. Snowball said theanimals plainly had to usage three days a week, but Napoleon said itwould only result in the animals starving to death. Napoleon thenhad the dogs kill off Snowball. Napoleon had eliminated Sundaymorning meetings. The committee of pigs were now the leadersand there were no more debates. Napoleon soon startedbrainwashing the lower distinguish of animals to believe him. Thetraditions of Old Major were soon forgotten, it was now Napoleonsplans. Under fresh leader Napoleon the work week had beenextended so that each animal had to work 60 hour weeks. Na poleon also employ Mr. Whymper as a go between for trade. Napoleons hiring of Mr. Whymper had gone against Animal Farmsmotto. The pigs now lived in the house and changed some ofAnimal Farms laws such as no animal shall sleep in a bed wasnow changed to no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets. Thelaws were changed to fit Napoleons needs. Napoleon had changedaround their seven commandments One was no animal shall killanother,this was changed to no animal shall kill another without

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