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Vivid Use of Imagery in My Father’s Garden, by David Wagoner Essay

In David Wagoners poem, My Fathers Garden, the speaker describes his dumbfounds job as a fruitful gardener that his return find very productive but does not finally cave in anything of value. Through the use of vivid imagery, we are presented with two contrasting outlooks on life. In four stanzas, Wagoners use of imagery and metaphors shows us what he thinks of his fathers job, his education and subsequently, the choices his father has made passim his life. We are first presented with image of an open ingleside which directly sets the stair for the first stanza. The speaker description of his father as a cavalry in a furnace with where white hot steel (ln, 1) that is pierced by his lance (ln, 2) has a negative connotation. With the use of the words, blazing and molten (ln, 4), the backing is hell-like and ultimately gives us an insight into the speakers impression of his father. However, in the last sentence, the scene drastically changes from a mercilessopen hear th to a calm a scrapyard that is his fathers kind of garden (ln, 6). In the secon...

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