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Lanzones Festival

Lanzones festival is held every third week of October and it is a four day cat valium celebration of the lanzones collect-time. The mostimportant aliveness in Camiguin is lanzones. It is when a lot of tourists come to watch the joyous Lanzones festival. Lanzones is one of the major fruit producers in the Philippines. Lanzones is a tropic fruit that grows extravagantly on the north-central coast of Mindanao. Lanzones has a sentinel brown skin and new translucent flesh.It is said that the sweetestlanzones in the Philippines comes from Camiguin. The township of Mambajao in Camiguin celebrated its annual festival calledLanzones Festival together with its draw in the month of October. Lanzones Festival in MambadjaoCamiguin is celebrated with a weekend street dancing competition and parties, heathen shows, parade and beauty pomp (coronation of MutyasaBuahanan) and trade fair that features local handicraft and products.Houses, street poles and even wad are ornamented with lanz ones during the lanzones festival. According to the legend of an unknown beautiful maiden took the fruits past bitter flavor to replace it to delicious and sweet taste of thelanzones, thus townsfolk dance in the streets in coiffe to honor and celebrate. It also celebrated by the populate in Camiguin as a contribution in making Mindanao as a cultural tourism destination and give thanks for a bountiful harvest for all the agricultural products.The Lanzones fruit is a major source of the Camiguin Islands livelihood and it is for the annual harvest that they celebrate this thanksgiving day. Houses, carriages, street poles and even people are decorated with lanzones and lanzones leaves. townsfolk dance in joy renounce in commemoration of the legend that a beautiful, unknown maiden took from the its condition bitter flavor to leave only its luscious, sweet taste.

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