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The problem of anti Americanism

Terrorism has always been a major issue in the world. each country is trying to flummox some measures to end up the act of consternationism. in that respect argon some remedies that have been put in come forward to stop terrorism. The fuss of anti Americanism is believed to be the cause of terrorism attacks. Introduction The problem of anti-Americanism is a very serious matter and it occurs because people try to be resistant or try to blame America for all its actions. pile world over believe that every action Americans take is for the determination of taking control of other countries for selfish gain and interests.The resistance takes place when non-Americans want to conserve their beliefs and national interests, and do not want to be influenced by the Americans. people put their blame on the Americans because they be covetous and do not want Americans to continue being prosperous (Hoffman, 1998). People should be accountable for inciting violence when they glorify viol ent acts against America save themselves do not engage in it in order to put a stop to terrorism.Such people invest a lot of capital to destroy other peoples lives and in fact they should be more punished than the people who physically carry out the acts of terrorism. They are the people who do not want to stop terrorism. (Hoffman, 1998) in that respect are various remedies that are available to the government to deal with schools, mosques, and charities that indirectly jump terrorism while not actually engaging in it. There are some laws that have been enacted to counteract terrorism.The laws are divided into some(prenominal) categories like financial act laws, terrorism act laws, airport and catch act laws and the USA patriot act laws. The remedies should be death for those open up guilty of terrorism including increased cypherary allocation to the Security budget that will help not only counter all acts of terror but gather intelligence that will help forestall any threa t way before it happens (Hoffman 1998). Reference Hoffman, Bruce (1998)Inside Terrorism capital of South Carolina University Press

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