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Personal Statement Accounting and Finance Essay

With the character of composure, steadiness and fortitude, I neer give up. During middle school, I wasnt deeply attracted to accountancy until having demo the book _Corporate Finance_ written by Stephen A. Ross. It brought me to a completely new creative activity with many different ways and modes of thinking, making me feel wonders of the majors macro-function and micro-details. Consequently, my damnedest and savvy sent me to the commercial college of Renmin University of China in which my specialized field of view was accountancy. Three years of professional study has inspired my strong and rummy sense of accounting, not to mention how prudential and careful I am in pursuing my bachelor degree.The enormous pressure in this resplendent campus with fierce competition stimulated me to strive for a better incoming instead of keeping stagnant. Without compromising to difficulties, I made every feat to improve and settle myself in all aspects. Active participation in class and p lenty of time spent in the library in the long run earned for me the Excellent StudentSecond Prize Scholarship and so on. Apart from my personal effort, as monitor, I also attempted and organised many class activities, such as mock interview where I divided my classmates into two groups, one group acting as the interviewer, the otherwise as interviewee. During my I coordinated different parts of our class, our class gained the watch over of University-level Excellent Class in 2013.The advanced accounting courses will strengthen my foundation in accounting and help to prepare me for my future course in company controllership. The outstanding faculty, along with the excellent selection of courses addressable within your program will equip me with the latest accounting theories and practices and ply me to obtain my professional goals. I k instantaneously that I am now amply qualified and prepared to take on this challenge. I powerfully believe that my passion in the accounting and future career, my courage in facing challenges and my strong ability to adapt and solve problems have fully prepared me for your esteemed university.

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