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Good Advice is Hard to Find Essay -- Personal Narratives

good enough Advice is Hard to FindAdvice is something that is very important in my life and in the life of most others. It allows us to guide another person their feelings and experiences close to accredited situations they have encountered in his/hers lifetime and then attempt physical exercise that information to help yourself. Good advice however is hard to come by. My pappa has many stories that begin with, Well when I was your age This is an example of sorry advice. It is hard to relate what he experienced to my life, because of the generations of difference. Good advice to me is something that I ask for, and in my past, has come from people who know me extremely well. I check off with most in that good advice can come from anyone, but the beat out has come from my friends. They know my feelings in general and how I have reacted to certain situations in my past. In general, advice also needs to come from soul I trust and respect. I also tend to listen more virtually a nd see how I can adapt it to my life if the advice has come from someone who is close to me, especially if it is someone who I believe t...

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