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Yanomamo Essay -- Anthropology

YanomamoThe Yanomamo are a tribe of twenty thousand who live in about both hundred and fifty widely dispersed villages in Brazil and Venezuela. It was first thought that the Yanomamo were a group of hunter-gatherers, but contrary to that thought they in reality cultivate their own crops for food. They also hunt and forage, but only as needed. While the Yanomamo travel for several weeks when the jungle fruits and vegetables are ripe, they are a tribal society settled in villages, which break into small groups to go off on collecting expeditions. During such expeditions, game such as wild pigs, large and small birds, monkeys, deer, rodents, and anteaters, are hunted. The bulk of the Yanomamo food, more than lxxx percent, is grown in their village gardens. The size of the garden is dictated by the size of the family it must feed. Because village headmen will have the responsibility of entertain visitors and sponsoring feasts, they plant and care for larger plots. Plantain is their most important domestic crop. Manioc, taro, and sweet potatoes are also cultivated along with cane, used for cursor manufacture, and tobacco, a crop of central importance. All women, men, and children chew tobacco day by day and guard it jealously. The Yanomamo word for being poor is literally translated as without tobacco. cotton wool is also grown in the village gardens to provide the materials for hammocks and clothes. The Yanomamo envision the instauration as having four layers hovering at...

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