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The notion of Macbeth being a good and alarming man is indeed a matter in which great precariousness arises as is the notion that Macbeth was bought galvanic pile by &8216his evil wife&8217. In Macbeth, one of Shakespeare&8217s&8217 most famous tragedies, I am uncertain of the character of Macbeth, as throughout the text, happenings which both support and put down the good character of Macbeth and maam Macbeth are apparent.At the beginning of the play, Macbeth seems to be true to the statement that he is a good and noble gentlemen, due(p) to his brave acts in the war fought for his country. We hear Macbeth being referred to as &8220&8216O valiant cousin Worthy gentleman&8217(Act 1, Scene 2, Line 24) by big businessman Duncan, who is considered noble and honest by all around him. In a retold story form of the play, the statement is made &8220It seemed that Scotland&8217s fate, the passel&8217s lives, his own, were cradled in the vast courage of this warrior&8217s breast repr esents the picture multi-color of Macbeth early in the piece.The fact that Macbeth was chosen as Thane of Cowdor is another bureau of the confidence that the king and the people of the time had in Macbeth&8217s character. When mightiness Duncan announced Macbeth&8217s rise to Thane, he referred to him as &8220noble Macbeth(Line 69)The rootage flaw we see in the character of Macbeth and the early signs of the evil mightiness Lady Macbeth has over her husband, come late in the first act. In this part of the story (Act 1, Scene 5) Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are discussing the murder of King Duncan planned for that night. We hear of Macbeth&8217s uncertainty of root forting the crime, however lady Macbeth taunts him until she convinces him to commit the murder. This shows the mental weakness in Macbeth&8217s character. The famous quote in Act 1 Scene 5 Line 42, where Lady Macbeth calls on the spirits to &8220fill me from crown to toe top-full of direst cruelty shows the definite m alicious and evil characteristics Lady Macbeth possesses. As it was Lady Macbeth&8217s idea to garbage down King Duncan, we establish at this point in the story that Lady Macbeth undoubtedly has an evil control over her husband Macbeth.Before the first murder, we see the extreme unease Macbeth has well-nigh the crime which he is about to commit. Macbeth hallucinates (sees a vision) of the murder weapon before his eyes.

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