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Individuality is a characteristic that sets you apart from everyone else. The author Tim OBrien illustrates this through green goddess Kiley, Kiowa and bloody shame Anne in his novel, The Things They Carried. Individuality shows the temperament of a character, reveals the link between personality and the physical items the soldiers carried, and how individuality is used to pee-pee teamwork.When overlooking the personalities of the characters they all ar unique. Rat Kiley is the medic of the operation. He is often known to being humorous, cracking jokes, and telling stories. Religious and button-down would be words to describe Kiowa. Being a aborigine American, he is careful around others not like himself. Though there are only two main characters that are female in the novel, Mary Anne is one like no other. She is introduced into the chapter as, Just a kid, just scarcely out of high school (90). Seen having a bubbly and flirtatious personality, she is soothe nave, young and curious like a kid. giggle between the notions of safety with her boyfriend or joining the thrill of a Green Berets life, she is overcome by her desire of danger, and goes with the Greenies. Though her boyfriend and his friends emphasize to convince her to stay with them, she does not waver in the end. Many fancy her shrouded in mystery because theyre bewildered by her actions.If comparing personality to personal belongings, there are few differences to distinguish them. In Rat Kileys case, carrying a canvas satchel filled with morphine, plasma, malaria tablets and surgical taping (5) as well as comic books would not be a surprise. Being a medic, a first aid kit would be essential. Since Rat is a funny and an amusing person its no curio why he owns comic books. Entertainment and kits would not be objects prepare with Kiowa. In his backpack you would find a hatchet and a imitation of The New Testament. Kiowa is a devout Baptist and a bible is natural for him to be carrying. A hatchet may be a symbol that ties him with his Native American heritage. Opposite life and items from the soldiers, Mary Anne arrives with a suitcase and flexible cosmetic bag. Since she was arranged for a visit, a suitcase with her clothes is assumed. For her to burst and carry makeup reflects her girlish attitude and fresh-faced appearance. Teamwork can not be done alone its distributed to different people who assist in different ways.

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