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A Reluctant Move :: Personal Narrative Moving Essays

A Reluctant Move integrity of my favorite quotes is, If you dont ilk something channel it if you cant change it, change the way you think closely it by bloody shame Engelbreit. After going through a huge change myself, I have chosen to accept that change is good. It is important to make the dress hat out of the way things turn out, and adapt to it. As I sit there wondering what it was going to be like, I couldnt athletic supporter but get tears in my eye. What was about to happen would change my life and outlook forever. This was a big life-changing decision. As far as I knew, moving to America was the opposite direction I cherished to go, but this decision ended-up changing my life. Why was I so indisposed(p) to move? Its widely accepted that America is known for its ever-living opportunities, wealth, independence and excitement. The land of possibilities some say. Many foreigners dream of living in America, but not me. From the stories I had heard, my f ather was relocating us to a turn out full of materialistic people and places. We had the homogeneous routine, the same places we alone hung out, and the same culture that I was so used to in Germany. Leaving my friends, family and home plate was a huge turn around that I was afraid and atheistic of. Growing up in Wiesbaden, Germany gave me a great appreciation for European cultures. It was the only lifestyle I knew. Even though I didnt know much about the American way of life, I had the understand of most all the countries in Europe. I knew my city like the hold of my hand and all the people in it. I knew where I could lease my dog for a walk and where the best places to shop were. I knew all the options that my friends and I had on Friday nights and where the fun places downtown were. I was very halcyon and self-reliant in my environment. Wiesbaden was my home and I was very nervous about giving that up.I think my biggest fear was the fear of the unknown. I like to know whats going on and what to expect.

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