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Discuss any 3 functions of operating systems.(9 marks)2. Discuss any 3 :: Computer Science

wrangle any 3 functions of operate systems.(9 marks)2. dissertate any 3 factors affecting the choice of an operating(a) systems.(9 marks)3. Discuss the by-line types of operating systems. Multi taskingAssignment 91. Discuss any 3 functions of operating systems.(9 marks)2. Discuss any 3 factors affecting the choice of an operatingsystems.(9 marks)3. Discuss the weding types of operating systems.- Multi tasking- Multi processing- Multi accustomr- Real time(12 marks)1. 3 functions of operating systems atomic number 18 as followa) Manage the ready reck bingler resources much(prenominal) as central processing unit,memory, record book drives and printer. In some other oral communication it acts like atranslator which allows the application software to communicate withthe computer hardware.b) Caretaker which making sure that date is saved in the right place,programs are loaded into memory properly and that the computersfiling system is all unplowed in beau monde.c) Execute and provide services for applications software in otherwords as system tools (programs) used to monitor computer performance, right problems, or maintain parts of the system. A set of libraries orfunctions which programs whitethorn use to perform specific tasks especiallyrelating to interfacing with computer system components.2. 3 factors affecting the choice of an operating system are asfollowa) Choice of processor and hardware for grammatical case if server machine is aSun computer then will be forced to use Solaris which is Suns versionof UNIX.b) A hardware or software protocol, contained in the electronics ofthe disk controller and disk drive, that manages the exchange of databetween the drive and computer. The around common interfaces for smallcomputer systems are AT (IDE) and SCSI.c) Compatibility of computer networks types including LANs and WANs,for example UNIX and window NT are usually use to become the mainframeof WANs networking system.3.a)Multi tasking - In a multita sking operating system where multipleprograms can be campaign at the same time, the operating systemdetermines which applications should run in what order and how muchtime should be allowed for each application before freehand anotherapplication a turn. Examples of multi tasking operating system areUNIX and Window 2000.b)Multi processing - An operating system capable of supporting andutilizing more than one computer processor for example Linux, UNIX,Windows 2000.c)Multi user - A multi user operating system allows for multiple users

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