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KFC Marketing Plan Essay

KFC form everyy cognise as Kentucky Fried Chicken is the world biggest and most popular chicken- primaryd eating place chain, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky in the United State. It is originally founded by Colonel Harland Sander in 1952. Through issue its rapid growth it has now over 150,000 stores available comprehensive in 105 countries boosting 59 years of history of success and innovation. In Malaysia, the first KFC eatery was open in 1973 on Jalan Tunkul Abdul Rahman, and today there be more than 500 effects by give away Malaysia and are still enumerate (KFC, 2011). 2.0 KFC Current Concept and PracticeMalaysias KFC restaurant is an organization that runs and managed by Malaysian which bores self wait on concept in it business. client bespeak to serve themselves when doing purchasing. Besides that, it also practices on the concept of straitlaced fodder. Halal nutriment is forage that conforms to Islamic Law or Shariah, it regulates that intellectual nour ishment consumed must(prenominal) be strong, not harmful to wellness, rationalize from each forbidden part of zoologys origin and anything regarded as filth under the Islamic law (KFC, 2011). 3.0 KFC trade Mix (7Ps) trade scuffle strategy is choosing and implementing the best course of bring done to meet the organization goal and elevate competitive edge. The 7ps of merchandise mix is one of the most popular used merchandise concepts by merchandising professional. It composes of harvest-festival and table service, value, place, progress, tribe, process, and physical evince (Behera, 2008). 3.1 fruit and serviceProduct is the conspicuous harvest-feast or service offered to guest to yield guest satisfaction. No matter the intersection is tangible or intangible, it must provide the function feature and value to client that include aspect such(prenominal) as style, function, and packaging (Anon., 2010). KFC are swell known for his signature pressure-fried c hicken pieces make with the original recipe. KFC primarily sell chicken in form of pieces, and salads (Wisnudewobroto, 2011). Although the of import focus merchandise is fried chicken, exclusively KFC also developed a wide ramble of product offering variety choices to guest. It includes of burgers, signature Kentucky Nuggets, and envelops with a wide range of side dishes and dessert to pair with (KFC, 2011). 3.2 damagePrice is the amount of money customer pay for a product (Anon., 2012). The price offered must be mindable and competitive, and most importantly is toentail profit. The determine tactics include not only the price list but it also comprise of on-going discount, offers and promotional materials (Behera, 2008). KFC products are priced game but not game overly, and their target customers are middle class population. However, to compete with other ready food restaurant KFC trickle down product price for selected head during meal conviction to attract lower mi ddle class customer to penetrate some(prenominal) sides of the markets (Wisnudewobroto, 2011). Promotions such as KFC a.m., Lunch Treats and, dinner treats are the current promotion available at KFC (KFC 2012). 3.3 PlacePlace refers to the location, and dispersion channel whereby the product is workable and rotter be purchased by the target customer and how the product reaches the location (Behera, M., 2008). KFC has over 500 outlets nationwide, and are generally in soft reached, nearby location. Besides dine in option, KFC also provide abode delivery service up to customer doorstep and drive through counter offering convenience and different alternatives to customer, however these services are only available at selected area with fixed menu. In the resembling time KFC also developed the Meals on Wheels, a catering service for all sort of functions and occasion which merchantman be done at any place (KFC, 2011). 3.4 PromotionPromotion includes diverse ways in selling and co mmunication in spreading information to target customer of what the organization has to offer. Promotion tactics comprises of advertisement, public relation and gross sales promotion. A successful promotion strategy forget be able to attract customer attention to be aware of the product and affect customer mien (Behera, 2008). The distribution channel of KFC is quite varieties such as television advertisement, internet, and templates. Lately, KFC have come out with a range of attractive promotion item, KFC Cracker Sandwich, Lunch Treats, Zinger Double bring, Pokkits, and Bargain Bucket are examples (KFC, 2011).3.5 massesPeople refer to the individual that involve in the sales of product, such as attendant who deliver the service, promoter and product salesperson. Therefore these people are the important element for the organization.Adequate product experience planning is essential to these people (Behera, M., 2008). KFCs front-line staff always dressed neatly and appropriat ely. All staff is provided with appropriate standard working uniforms and is required tell it on objet dart on duty (KFC, 2012). Besides that, KFC also provide great serve training to employees. The front line staffs are straightlaced and friendly, staffs greet every walk in customer with a smiley faces, and restless in servicing customer (Mohammad, 2007). 3.6 ProcessThe process in trade mix is especially relevant to the service industry. It is the procedure of delivering service to customer, and the behavior of the person who serve. It is critical to customer satisfaction, hence, it is important to keep staff well trained in tramp to have a thorough sympathy towards the service available (Anon., 2009). KFC is a self-service concept fast food restaurant (Anon., 2012). Dis like fine eat restaurant, customer need to religious service themselves from requesting up to picking up their meal. There is no hostess available as well, customers are free to tell apart their preferre d seating to dine in. Sauces are available at the condiment bar in the dining area for free load.3.7 Physical EvidencePhysical evidence is the see of development a product or a service. Customer cannot develop sooner they make a purchase which provide make them olfactory modality risky, however organization can reduce this uncertainty by providing evidence to customer through testimonial demonstration showing that the organization keeps its promise. (Anon., 2009).The glistering and bold graphic designs in KFC that showcase the confederations icons 11 secret recipe and Finger Linckin Good communicate a clean sense of pride towards its starring result of their product. While the warm and present-day(a) design and spacious seating makes customer feel welcome and internal (KFC, 2011). 4.0 Marketing ObjectiveThe objective for this marketing plan is to repairr sales revenue up to 20% by final year 2013. The reason for proposing this objective is to boost caller-up sales rev enue for KFC product range in this global economic downturn by the end of 2013 whilst gain a competitive edge in fast food business. 5.0 Marketing schemeKFC decided to forward veggie burger and veggie warp in coming 15th declination 2012. A 100% vegetarian product food product firstly available in KFC. The impudent products are named Vege sodomise & Vege Wrap, it is a hamburger style and wraps that does not contain any savage products. The patty of the veggie burger and wrap is 100% free from animal product. It is made from vegetables, grains, seed, and textured vegetables proteins, legume, soy, beans, nuts and mushrooms are examples.It leave also flow in the KFC signature recipe, the Sander Original Recipe which contain of 11 herbs spices making it wellnessy and delectable. This concept comes from the changes of consumer behaviors in society these days. It is clear that consumers are much more health conscious today than ever before when come to food consumption. They are more conscious when they buy and seek out food product, and generally prefer foodstuffs which is health benefited (Ligaya, 2009). In growth, the widespread in vegetarianism is another main factor that builds up this concept.According to Kayne, (2012), vegetarian diet is significantly healthier then diet which include meat and animal product. Studies have found that decrease of meat intake lead increase health benefits and longevity might increase as much as 20 percent. Therefore eating grand and healthy whilst saving the purlieu are the concepts for the newly product. This 100% vegetarian ingredients product enables to attract new kettle of fish of potential customer which KFC has never target before. 5.1 One Year coordinated Marketing PlanThe group of customer that KFC has decided to target for is vegetarian and health conscious consumer, as the main selling point of Vege Burger and Vege Wraps stressed on non animal product and healthy food. In the one year marketing plan, KFC marketing team allow be using multi-market strategy in promoting the new product. The segment covers adults, children, family and budget customer who is looking for healthy and delicious food. The purpose of using this strategy is to target every possible customer segment as possible to increase and maintain revenue for the company. 5.1.1 Product and ServiceThe new product KFC will be going to adduce is Vege Burger and Vege Wrap. It will be launch in the 15th Dec 2012, targeting health conscious consumer and vegetarian segment. The Vege Burger and Vege Wraps emphasized on 100% veggie made, and 100% free from meat, even the sauce and cheese used are 100% vegetarian. The burger and wrap are hi in fiber and protein and low in cholesterin as meat component has been replace by vegetables and use home in trans fat oil, thus it is the perfect choice for weight conscious customer.The burger and wraps will come in standard size, however customer may produce on the fillings tally to their preferences as KFC are using customization strategies for this new product to attract more customer. The morale behind is that people can choose what they wanted for their food, customer will be more satisfied if they can choose what they want, and are not restrained with fixed menu. In order to get more new customer, continuous innovation and improvise will take place from time to time according to preference and relish of customer. 5.1.2 PriceKFC come up with different pricing and bundling strategies for the new launch product, the Vege Burger and Vege Wrap, such as lunch treat, combo meal, and family meal. The super decent meal enable to attract middle and lower class customer to increase overall sales volume. On the other hand, KFC is also using skimming pricing strategy on the new product.As the product is new, company need to adjust the price from time to time infrastructure on customer respond and cost of production. The product price will be firstly fixed in the ra nge from RM 8 to RM 15, base on the type and size of meal ordered, however changes will pass whenever necessary. If the charges of the product are too low it might lead to customer perception that the food quality is poor, while charging for the product too high will cause customer to switch their preferences to other antagonists. KFC also will take into consideration on the probable reaction from other competitor in their pricing strategy5.1.3 PlacePlace is the main distribution channel, it is important so that the product is available to the customer at the right hand place, at the right time and with adequate quantity. Vege Burger and Vege Wraps will be launch at every single KFC outlet in Malaysia. They will be available throughout Malaysia as the idea is everyone can enjoy well-grounded food. However it will be firstly launch at outlet located in big cities before spreading to the rest. Besides than KFC restaurant outlet Vege Burger and Vege Wrap will also be available thro ugh online ordering and home delivery service. 5.1.4 PromotionIn order to connect customer attention and to persuade customer to purchase the Vege Burger and Vege Wrap, KFC has come up with different promotions strategies and tactics to tackle as many customer as possible. For instance, special discount rate will be offer on the first three months when the Vege Burger and Vege Wrap is launch. Set meals upon ordering during lunch time and dinner time will be given special rate, which include of a standard size Veggie Burger or wrap, a non cultivated cabbage carbonated drink and a coleslaw salad as side dish.Customer with large order quantity will be given funds voucher which applicable on their next purchase. Besides that, KFC use various promotion channels to effectively communicate the product information, to make people to aware of the new item, feel positive and remember it well. KFC apply program advertising through news newspaper, radio and TV program, the best and importan t marketing medium for promotion. KFC will advertise on the front page on the best selling newspaper to draw readers attention, paper such as Kwong Wah daily, The Star and News Strait Times. In addition television and radio advertisement will be broadcast during well-fixed hours. 5.1.5 PeopleKFC understand the importance of its employee and value customer, a happy customer result from the service provided from a happy employee. KFC will punt in extra effort and marketing their employee training and recruitment. 5.1.6 ProcessDue to the vegetarian aesthesia and particular in the process of food preparation, KFC will practice enhancer to confide consumer in the coming launch product. The food manufacturing at KFC is altogether transparent, food preparation process are visible to customer across the counter. It enable customer to view and judge the hygienic standard in KFC, besides that is also allow customer to know the ingredients used for food that they consume.This practice cre ates a solid proof to customer gaining their confident towards KFC. As Vege Burger and Vege Wrap is 100% vegan, ingredients will be prepared separately, using commit utensils and equipment. On the other hand, special training will be provided to all employees on method of cooking and preparation giving thorough knowledge to employee towards the new product. Managers are also designated to admonisher the process of preparation to learn standard procedures are follow. 5.1.7 Physical EvidenceKFC focuses on the cleanliness and hygienic intragroup of its outlet especially at the dining area, providing a clean and hygienic dining environment to customer. In the said(prenominal) time, maintain attractive and proper decorum at its joints. Better facilities will be provide at KFC centre, such as internet facilities and dedicated area for children to play while parent can have quality time together. In order to match up with the launch of Vege Burger and Vege Wraps, KFC also launch a new design working uniform for their staff which come in green color imaging of eating green and living healthy. Physical appearance affects not only the impression from outsiders but it also a company brand image. 6.0 BudgetKFC is using competitive parity method for company budget. In order to defend against competition, KFC will compare its budget with major competitors like Mc Donalds and Burger King, spending as much as competitor. Example, if competitor is spending RM 500,000 in their promotion, KFC will also allocate the same or almost equal amount for their brand promotion. This method is well-heeled to implement, it does not occur complicated forecast and appraisal, and most importantly, it enable to hold competitor from making inroad to the company market share. 7.0 Controlling and Evaluation7.1 deed pick upOperation accountant focuses on day-to-day operation. To effectively control the operation and reduce risk, it requires standard policies and procedure to ensure a p hysical structure standard of business runs. KFC operational control counselling will monitor the daily operation of the outlets especially towards the aspect of personnel and technology to forfend any obstacle occurs from affecting stores operation. A systematic system ensured activities carried out accordingly as planned. Corrective action will be interpreted by management whenever is necessary. 7.2 Strategy ControlIn the strategy control KFC management will look into the planning and tactics implement to reach the objective that has been targeted. Proper monitoring will be put into practice from carry out up to completion of the strategy such as promotion, advertising activities, and pricing. At the end management will analyse on how effective is the planning from the result. Revision and changes will be made to improve it if necessary. 7.3 EvaluationLastly, final evaluation will be carry out to review the respond and comment from customer towards KFC. Customer feedback will be majorly focused on comment through questionnaire, customer forum, and feedback form. Besides that KFC will also ask for real-life comments where feedbacks were warranted. Customer will be asked to expand their feedback and how would they like to have the job done or handled. Looking at the service from customer point of view would provide a better reasonableness on what customer really need. In addition, sending mystery shopper can also help to monitor the quality of customer service and food furnished. Assessment can be carried out by reviewing the service take aim provided by front-line staff, food standard, and outlet environment.Thus help the management to mensurate the overall performance of an outlet. Feedbacks compiled will be filter by management selecting whichever is useful to the company and problem will be brought to attention according to severity so that appropriate remedial action can be taken. KFC will ensure follow up on every customer to see whether the solutio n has helped the customer, and will also maintain customer database so that company can send regular questionnaires and receive new tactile sensation and ideas from customer for future improvement. Every feedback from customer is valuable therefore little gift like cash vouchers will be given to give thanks customer for giving helpful tips and as a sense of compliancy to encourage ongoing open communication from customer in future. concomitantesAppendix A References1. Behera, M., 2008. 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