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Taco Bells Response to Lawsuit Essay -- Case Study

unthought EventIn January 2011, a class carry through lawsuit was filed against greaser tam-tam, alleging the restaurant chain used more nerve center fillers than real land kicking. Specifically, the suit claimed greaser Bells products were made with greaser meat filling, which consisted of extenders and other non-meat substances. The complaint further pointed out that greaser Bell non only misled consumers but also violated federal requirements by labeling taco meat filling as beef. This incident was unexpected as Taco Bell was not informed before the lawsuit was publicized. In addition, the beef fiasco made national headlines and could seriously tarnish the Taco Bell brand. Taco Bells response to the meat filling charges was rapid and direct. In an attempt to reassure both the customers and employees, Taco Bell launched an advertizing campaign explaining the ingredients in its ground beef. The following analysis will cover how Taco Bell used integrative thinking to combat the spoilt press and how the company applied Weick and Sutcliffes five HRO principles to reverse the electronegative sentiments generated by the lawsuit. I will also suggest small wins for Taco Bell in regards to the functionalities and implementation of the five HRO principles in order to unornamented a more mindful and sustainable infrastructure in the set off of this event. Integrating IMC 457Taco Bell could choose to remain silent in response to the charges and had its attorneys to negotiate on its behalf. However, silence from the company would mean to reluctantly agree with the accusations. Or, Taco Bell could stay aggressive and took legal action against the plaintiff for making allegedly false statements about its products. The implied trade-off here would be the risk of inviti... ...the five HRO principles must be implemented at all levels to develop a state of mindfulness and to meet customers expectations. work Cited1.http//adage.com/article/news/taco-bell-launches -ad-campaign-response-lawsuit/148552/2.http//www.prdaily.com/crisiscommunications/Articles/7297.aspx3.http//www.prdaily.com/crisiscommunications/Articles/PR_crisis_averted_Lawsuit_targeting_Taco_Bells_bee_7980.aspx4.http//mashable.com/2011/01/28/taco-bell-social-media-crisis/5.http//abcnews.go.com/Health/Wellness/taco-bell-defends-beef-legal-action/story?id=12785818.T6r9046nS8U6.http//www.mrmediatraining.com/index.php/2011/04/22/taco-bells-great-crisis-management/7.http//ww2.crisisblogger.com/2011/01/taco-bell-if-there-beef-is-as-good-as-their-crisis-management-theyre-looking-good/8.http//www.coneinc.com/taco-bell-manages-beef-crisis

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