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East vs West :: Comparative, Rukmani and Kenny

In Nectar in a Sieve, Rukmani and Kenny highlight the differences in the two lasts, makeing how the two cultures fork over different standards for relationships and how Westerners try to change suffering and poverty opus Easterners absorb it. As Rukmani points out to Kenny, Have I not so a great deal sense to see that you are not one of us? You withstand and work here except this is not your country (Markandaya 106). Kenny and Rukmani are friends, but their different values on subservience in relationships and suffering defecate them to butt heads during most of their conversations. Rukmani and Kennys conversations show how Easterners value respect and reverence, while Westerners put and emphasis on equality. After Kenny helps her conceive, Rukmani bends down to coddle Kennys feet, thinking she is showing respect. Kenny doesnt like it He withdrew his feet promptly and told me to get up. I am not your benefactor (Markandaya 32). Similarly, Rukmani is hesitant to aim about Kennys family because it is personal Of himself he did not speak I held my tongue, for I felt to ask would be to offend him (Markandaya 33). Both of these events show how the two cultures mis run into each other. Kenny doesnt like when Rukmani kisses his shoes because he doesnt feel above her, but she is just trying to be nice. And Rukmani doesnt understand what ordain and wont offend Kenny because her culture doesnt encourage asking personal questions.Their conversations show more deep how each culture views marital relationships. Rukmani only sees Kenny for her fertility problems when her keep up wont find out she believes he will be smouldering (Markandaya 21). She also only takes Ira to Kenny when her husband leaves town I (Rukmani) waited in all day to see you. My husband will be back soon and the I cannot come (Markandaya 59). Though she subverts it, Rukmani is limited by her belief she cannot decline her husband. Instead, since she doesnt ask his permission, she cant break his rules. Kenny scorns this, saying, You people will never learn. It is pitiful to see your foolishness (Markandaya 59). In Kennys country, women sustain rights. They can even divorce their husbands, as Kennys wife does. Rukmani fails to understand how this woman can leave her husband and wonders if its Kennys immense absences. They discuss womens role, Rukmani says, A womans place is with her husband Kenny replies, You simplify everything Your views are so limited it is impossible to explain to you (Markandaya 106).

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