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Comparing Washington Irvings Sleepy Hollow the Movie to the Book Essay

Comparing Washington Irvings Sleepy asinine the Movie to the Book?The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? is a unequal fib by Washington Irving. Based on a k directlyn legend, this story tells the tale of the disappearance of the main character, Ichabod stretch. An effective ghost story, Irving leaves you blastoff what the truth is behind the ending. The picture Sleepy Hollow is Hollywood?s portrayal of Irving?s original story. Although the movie is similar to the story in the beginning, the movie takes a twist that leads in another direction that strays out-of-the-way(prenominal) from the original plot.The original story by Washington Irving starts out in a sm completely town of Sleepy Hollow. Irving paints an image of bountiful crops, splendiferous scenery, and prosperous landowners. Ichabod Crane was a local pedagogue, who taught at the local schoolhouse. He was known for his strict ways and yet he was very habitual amongst the families of his students- especially the ones w ho had ?pretty sisters.? Ichabod enjoyed spending fall evenings with the old widows as they sit by a fire and told stories of ghosts and demons and other supernatural beings. One story that was always told was one of the legendary Headless Horsemen. The tale tells of a spend who had his head shot off with a cannon ball. His ghost now roamed Sleepy Hollow on his horse, looking for his lost head. In taper of his head, sits a jack-o-lantern, which had a fiery glow.Intertwined with this short story is a come story, or rather a story of pure lust and greed. Ichabod Crane was in ?love? with a girl named Katrina Van Tassel. Katrina was the daughter of the wealthy and prosperous landowner, Heer Van Tassel. Ichabod?s pursuit of Katrina was for purely physical and red-blooded reasons. His... ... While the original story leaves you wondering what happens to Ichabod, the movie leaves you with the question on whether or not everything can be explained by science. Ichabod tries the entire movie to try and figure out who is the murderer by using all his scientific explanations, yet in the end, there truly was a ghost. both stories leave you thinking about the possibility of ghosts and demons. When it comes to both stories, they both yield questions that leave us to ponder. While they have their similarities, the majority of ideas take issue. The story lines differ in so many ways that they are two contrastive stories with a few similarities that tie them together. Although I enjoyed watching the movie, I lock away find that I prefer the question that the original story leftfield us wondering. What did happen to Ichabod Crane? Personally? I think he ran away.

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