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Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan Essay -- The Great God Pan Essays

In The great(p) God move (1894) Machen uses ancient classic god Pan to serve as a symbol of weird reality that lies beyond human perception and knowledge. Machens use of this churchman entity and his success in rediscovering a minor figure of the classical pantheon, even mostly neglected by earlier authors of English literature (Pasi 69), try what Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari argue to be the significant value of a minor author, by using a number of minority elements, by connecting, conjugating them, one invents a specific, unforeseen, autonomous decorous (106). The undischarged God Pan uses a research worker plot and English upper class male characters search for an toughened figure, Helen Vaughan, who travels by assuming various identities. Helen, through her changeability of her identity destabilises the humanist notion of identity as a stable phenomenon, and enters into the domain of becoming Pan. This fluidity and indeterminacy of Helens character is Machens attem pt to unwrap the established notion of canonical subjectivity, and propose an alternative possibility of becoming. Helens insistence on entering into the zone of inhuman god Pan- involves a position of alignment with the elements of her desire, which are beyond human accessibility and control. Helen, with this alliance with the god Pan, which has multiple forms and identities, enters into the flux of becoming Pan.Machen, through the experiment of Dr. Raymond, invokes to fracture the reality behind the conceal in his supernatural tale The Great God Pan. In this attempt of removing the veil, Dr. Raymonds practice of recondite medicine provides the means to reach out the reality behind the veil Dr. Raymond surgically changes the structure of a womans brain... ...e. How We Became Posthuman Virtual Bodies in Cybernatics, Literature and Informatics. Chicago The University of Chicago Press, 1999.Hillman, James. An Essay on Pan. Pan and the Nightmare. Trans. A.V. OBrien. sunrise(pre nominal) York Spring Publications, 1972.Jackson, Kimberly. Non-evolutionary Dageneration in Arthur Machens Supernatural Tales. Victorian Literature and Culture 41 (2013) 125-135.Navarette, Susan J. The Word Made Flesh Protoplasmic Predications in Arthur Machens The Great God Pan. The Shape of Fear Horror and the Fin de Siecle Culture of Decadence. Kentucky The University Press of Kentucky, 1998. 178-201.Machen, Arthur. The Great God Pan and The Hill of Dreams. Mineola, New York Dover Publications, Inc., 2006.Pasi, Marco. Arthur Machens consternation Fears Western Esotericism and the Irruption of Negative Epistemology. Aries 7 (2007) 63-68.

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