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Assignment 1Managing from a world(prenominal) perspective requires managers to have near(a) attention to factors in the outside(a) surround, which may affect an organisations success. It may be, however, that factors in the privileged milieu will also entice success in a global surroundings. It is important for global managers to be familiar with the factors of the external environs and pay close attention to the management of the internal environment because factors from both the internal and external environments will most certainly influence the success of an organisation. nearly importantly, managers may requisite to strategically optimise the internal environment for the limited properties of the external environment in which they melt down. The performance of an organisation may non be exceptional unless management of the internal environment, or the conditions existing deep down the organisation, is fully optimized for the external environment.As a global manag er, paying close attention to the external environment is a prerequisite. The external environment is the diverse forces outside the organisation able to impact on the success of the organisation. The external environment in new and different countries may have tortuous properties such as technology, social systems, politics, currency, and tax which the global manager need to consider and analyse. External forces such as the social and political systems are of particular importance as they are the iodines most likely to influence an organisations success. Therefore these are the main factors to which managers should pay close attention so as to "understand the constraints under which they operate and the opportunities that exist" (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg, Coulter, 2000, 141). By perusal the specific political and social systems of a particular external environment managers can use their understanding of these systems to their advantage and develop exceptional strategies base on their understanding. For instance, in some countries such as the Peoples Republic of China, iodine must be willing to open the back door if the front one is closed, in other words, managers need to understand the "importance of guanxi (connections) in doing headache in China"(Robbins et al).      Managers working from a global perspective not only need to know the different laws, tradi... ...ically integrated management decisions, specially when undertaking operations in new and different environments. The rapid gap of telecommunications technology is a major influence affecting the compatibility of the external environment with the internal environment of an organisation. Through the use of technology in telecommunications and by means of paying close attention to the external environment, an organisation can operate and function as an open system and as a subject the internal environment of the organisation can be optimized for compatibi lity with the external environment and exceptional organisational performance may be achieved.REFERENCESRobbins, S. Bergman, R., Stagg, I. And Coulter, M. (2000).Management. 2nd ed., Sydney, Prentice Hall. pp.140-150Daft, R. L. (2001) Management, fifth ed., Sydney, Dryden press.pp.187-220Bartol, K., Martin, D., Tein, M. And Matthews, G. (2001). ManagementA pacific Rim Focus, Roseville, McGraw-Hill. pp42-63Davidson, P. And Griffin, R. W. (2000). Management Australia in a Global Context, Brisbane, John Wiley & Sons. pp. 37-54Fulop, L. And Linstead, S. (1999). Management A Critical Text,Melbourne, McMillan. pp. 48-65

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