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In Brave fresh World, by Alduous Huxley, a new and argu open confederacy is presented to its audience. A world of artificial intelligence where humans argon cultivated in test tubes and social class is predetermined by the chemical mix they receive in vitro leads John Savage into corruption. He is torn between a world in which peoples fates were placed upon themselves and a world in which Alphas and Betas ruled a corporation with n identity. Thomas Mavin gives thorough insight into the classification of the dickens societies and favors the world of Malpais, a society that allows people to have control over their hots and experience real feelings instead of fake happiness. Between these two worlds with contrasting positions on part with will, the only way for people to live a truly meaningful life would be to live in Malpais. In the Brave New World, Huxley created a society in which people acted upon the puke they were born in. There was no such thing as free will and happi ness could be purchased in a pill, soma. In fact, Arthur breed wrote in A Shorter History of England and Greater Britain that In Brave New World, theres pleasure as a substitute for freedom. In this world, people would rather become blind to the truth of life by forcing themselves into a high instead of dealing with the facts of life. With this pill, people are able to take themselves away from stressful, depressing, or uncomfortable moments of life. They become oblivious to true life. In fact, to many of they characters who constantly use the pill, their lives become dreams because often they are not truly living in it. Cross also points let out that the Brave New World was more stable and well keep because of conformity and single points of views. In the society today, there is the constant holy terror of wars and altercations with different people or countries. With a uniform society, comes uniform ideas and peace. With this in mind, countries save millions of dollars becaus e there is no need for weapons of mass destruction. This new society becomes thoroughly efficient. There is only one leader, the World Leader, and the people live under his iron- clad fist. With the Democratic Party and Republican Party in todays society comes constant conflict and there is endlessly one side that will be unpleased with certain decisions and laws.

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