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Government by the People Essay

The population growth has caused concern for m both the Statesns because of the terms of numbers and privation that put ins with this growth. There is a pattern deputeing of wealth transferring from poorer nations to the richer nations of the globe and the study technology revolution is speeding this cycle up. With population growth arrival raw heights new concerns for increasing urban growth has emerged. training for transportation, environment protection, or management of water and other resources are requisite.unregulated grocery stores forces will hurt individuals and politics as usual will non mandate viable growth patterns or protect the air, water and earthy beauty of our country. Planning and growth depends on public support and market forces. In order for plans to be effective they must show he same interests and values of major groups within the residential area. Even with the fear of the government, something that is principally accepted hampers a lot of effec tive grooming.But it is clear that for any planning to work there must a consensus between planners, community leaders, and the popularly elected officials who must bear the responsibility for implementing the plans (Magleby, OBrien, Light, Peltason & Cronin, 2006, p. 649). This planning for our country, communities and societies along with its citizens has given the United States the status of world power. But brawl has erupted from the resent war with Iraq that questions our authority.Ive heard many individual claims that the States is expanding its empire, rather than fighting for freedom. Our rise to a world power has come because of our industry, colleges and universities, multiple government institutions, military strengths. This along with our innovations in science, technology and medication catapulted us into our status. Development of such(prenominal) things as television and jet airliners gave America the edge it needed to jump to the top of the ladder. They train als o helped to blossom our ideologies of democracy and westernization.It has created globalization and keeps it going. Our vocation and business growth has only helped with this globalization. Companies, such as IBM and General Motors have given the case government sign grounds in business. Our national government promotes a prosperous stinting system through its monetary and fiscal policies (Magleby, OBrien, Light, Peltason, & Cronin, 2006, p. 437). The Department of Commerce has been at the center of the governments efforts to promote economic growth and advance businesses to do research and new development.These companies are at the heart of this economic growth plan. But more recently new development has been needed to keep these companies afloat as technology and innovation continues to climb new heights. Turning outdated companies into the companies of the future. The introduction of the electronic superhighway mandates companies to use e-commerce and if they canistert the y might get left behind. The internet has given us a faster way for just about everything. It has even influenced society, market-gardening and lifestyles.The Progressive Era began in United States during the mid 1890s and go along through World War I. It was a time when individuals were beginning to have concerns with the state of society. It also brought about a belief in man compassion and how new innovations along with scientific investigation could somehow show what the problem was with ways of solving the problems. This reformation shows even in forthwiths time. Our social construct has great bearing on our national government. Take for example the debate on same-sex marriages.Our government has made laws that preserve to this issue, but some in society believe government has foregone too far. But the core issue at stake, that I believe, has something to do with insurance. I dont believe that our national government is attempt to establish social norms, but rather maint ain certain expectations of commerce and business.Reference Magleby, D. B. , OBrien, D. , Light, P. , Peltason, J. W. , & Cronin, T. E. (2006). Government by the People National, State, and Local 21st. Ed. pertly Jersey Prentice Hall.

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