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How much do we learn about Gatsbys character and how is it revealed Es

How much do we learn about Gatsbys flake and how is it revealedto us?Throughout The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby appears to be motivated by the followers of wealth and a animation with Daisy, but how does this show up his function? What we whop about Gatsby is severely limited by theinformation that Carraway, who himself unaccompanied meets Gatsby at the startof the novel, feeds to us. During the short summer, in which the booktakes place, our information is limited by the format of the storyi.e. the maiden person viewpoint limits what we know about Gatsby. Wecan tell through the way that he acts in his pursuit of Daisy that heis ultimately a shy, reclusive person who leave behind try any thing in orderto meet his old love. But the first knowledge of when Gatsby first metDaisy at Camp Taylor, beforehand he went to Europe, was at the beginningof the chapter in which he was killed. During this period, he was inthe company of some rich and successful officers who all wanted to bewi th her. In handout out with Daisy, Gatsby had proved that he couldhave a relationship with a person from a more privileged backgroundthan he had. The occurrence that he falsified his wealth in order to becomeacquainted with her shows that he is longing for a trophy of successthat capturing Daisys heart will shore him. The way that he asksCarraway to arrange a meeting between himself and Daisy is sloppedproof of this link. Soon it becomes apparent that Gatsby wishes hisrelationship to return to the state that it was before he left tofight in Europe during the war. This is discussd by the quote,Cant repeat the past? Why of course you can. These words fromGatsby demonstrate a very profound wish for his relationship withDaisy to be as i... ...e. As Carrawayputs it, They were careless people, Tom and Daisy - they smashed upthings and creatures and then move back into their money or theirvast carelessness, or whatever it was that unplowed them together, and letother people clean u p the mess they had made. such(prenominal) a strongstatement fully shows how these people could have interpreted in Gatsby.Trying to hide business dealings cast suspect for the reader but for anyman to go to all the stretch forth of arranging to meet his true love showshis romantic side. One thing that this novel shows to the reader isthat although Carraway is told some details by Gatsby, what we know in conclusion turns into a great deal of information. I believe thatGatsby is overall a good person trying desperately to achieve the twothings that his life has desired - Daisy and the pursuit of money,which were denied to him earlier.

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